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Practice Questions (2017)

  1. What type of animal is Franklin?
  2. Who was the girl in the rhyme that suffered from arachnophobia?
  3. What famous comic strip is also the name of a food?
  4. Gregory Maguire's book Wicked was based on which wicked witch?
  5. What is paper made from?
  6. In the book Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones why was the boy known as Wild Boy?
  7. What is a logbook?
  8. What superhero's mother was Queen Hippolyta?
  9. What did the first goat say to the troll under the bridge?
  10. What novel by Jane Austen is also a girl's name starting with the letter E?
  11. What fictional country was the setting for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?
  12. What was the fourth word used in all the Harry Potter titles?
  13. Magnus Chase was the son of Natalie and of what Norse god?
  14. In the book We Are All Made of Molecules by Susin Nielsen who did Stewart try explaining to that we're all made of molecules?
  15. Who is the youngest of all Winnie the Pooh's friends?
  16. In what book do a rat and a mole spend days rowing their little boat which was painted blue on the outside and white on the inside?
  17. In what book was the Prime Minister told that a bridge less than ten years old had snapped in half sending a dozen cars into the river?
  18. What word ending with X is a type of book?
  19. Who owned a hammer so heavy that only he could pick it up?
  20. What is the missing word in this West African folktale: Why do Mosquitoes Buzz in People's xxx?

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