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1st: ACS Jakarta (Indonesia)
2nd: Canberra Grammar School (Australia)
3rd: St John's Boys' College (South Africa)
NEXT QUIZ: Bangkok Heat (TH)

Friday 14th March, 10am

Harrow International School, Don Mueang District, Bangkok 10210, Thailand

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Authors Write

Eva Ibbotson

  • I attended the finals of the Kids' Lit Quiz to help give out the prizes, and was awed and amazed by the knowledge of books and the general expertise shown by the children taking part. I could not have answered half the questions that they tackled, and it made me aware of how privileged one is as a children's author to write for such an audience, and how important it is to give such readers every encouragement.

Mark Robson

  • The KLQ is an outstanding vehicle for the promotion of children's literature. It is without doubt the best organised, best produced and most exciting literary event of the year for young people. I attended four regional finals this year. One only has to feel the buzz of excitement amongst the youngsters to see its value. I make these events the top priority in my diary, as they revitalise my faith in the positive power that literature has to influence young people.

Gillian Cross

  • I think the Kids' Lit Quiz is an important project which excites children about books and reading in many different ways. It's impossible not to be impressed by the enthusiasm and knowledge of the young people who take part. Wayne Mills is amazingly skillful at providing up to date questions at exactly the right level year after year and the whole thing is organised and run very professionally. The international dimension is important and the potential for involving parents is excellent. Above all it's extraordinarily enjoyable! I can't wait for next year's KLQ.

Julia Golding

  • It always amazes me the depth of knowledge that the Kids' Lit Quiz reveals in our younger readers. Reading is not a skill that receives the same plaudits at school as the sporty or theatrical, so the quiz gives the bookworms a unique chance to shine and encourages them by bringing them together with other like minded children from all over the world. Long may it last.

Linda Newbery

  • Excellent enthusiasm from all participants and supporters. The range of questions was just right, drawing on both traditional and modern books and stories. The knowledge of the children was very impressive.